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Sunday، 21 July 2024
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dr kiarash saatchi

  • Dr. Kiarash Saatchi
  • Dr. Kiarash Saatchi

Dr.Kiarash Saatchi's Brief Introduction

Dr.K.Saatchi completed his MD in 1998 and advanced Acupuncture course in Beijing in 2008 .He is a pioneer in Integrative Medicine & co-founder of the first hospital based Integrative Medicine clinic in Iran & Middle East in the famous "Milad hospital" in Tehran. 

He has conducted numerous lectures and studies in the field of Complementary & Holistic Medicine (Including Acupuncture , Acupressure , Bioenergy medicine ,...) and Lifestyle improvement . 

Dr. Saatchi is also a well known scholar involved in many research articles in co-operation with several medical universities . 

He is a famous public health educator who has participated in TV health programs and prepared several articles for newspapers and magazines. 

He is currently a board member of Iranian Scientific Acupuncture Association (ISAA) . He has helped ISAA to design and conduct Acupuncture courses for Medical Doctors in Iran during the last few years as a lecturer . 

Dr.Saatchi is also a worldwide pioneer of "Integrative Acupuncture" since 2007 . His unique method consists of applying modern European diagnostic (Meridan Analysis) and therapeutic system of Raymedy (Formerly Known as i-Health including Pulsed Electromagnetic waves & light therapy) with conventional Acupuncture , Acupressure , Laser therapy , Psychological counceling and Lifestyle improvement during the last decade for over 7000 patients .

Advisor and research colleague in various graduation theses in the field of Medical Care :
Healthy lifestyle and Complementary Medicine:

Stress management Workshops and Seminars for Managers amd Public since 2003.
Various National & International congresses such as: